Birch Y2 2016/17

St Augustine's School

Birch Y2 2016/17

Staff Talent Show

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Once you have watched all the ACTS below please then vote once on your favourite one.






FS2 & KS1 Talent Show

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Watch this fantastic Talent Show by our younger children in school for RED NOSE DAY 2017. They did a fantastic job and I think everyone will agree they are very talented individuals.

FS2 & KS1 Talent Show – RED NOSE DAY 2017 from St. Augustine’s School on Vimeo.


Tesco – Farm to Fork

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Work book day!

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Birch class go mining!

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Las Formas

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We have been learning all about shapes in maths this week, so in Spanish this week we learnt how to say the names of some 2D shapes. 

Then we had to listen to the shape name (In Spanish) and colour in the correct shape! 

Next we listened to a Spanish shape song and had to listen carefully to see if we could spot the shape names. 

On Monday Miss. Connelly is going to ask us to say a Spanish shape name when we do the register to check that we can remember them! 


Thank you!

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We have been learning about writing letters this week in literacy. 

Here are some of our letters that we wrote to Mrs. Medlam to say thank you for coming to our class and telling us about Worksop in the past!


Art with Mrs. Taylor

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This half term we have been learning how to use pastels and charcoal. Today we began drawing our pictures of flowers using pastel and charcoal. 
Cole “We drew a picture of flowers with charcoal and pastel”
Lexi “We drew a picture and we used different colours to make pink”
Courtney “I chose a yellow flower”
Ellie- Mai “We know that you make charcoal by getting wood then setting it on fire, then it turns into charcoal”
Harry- Wyatt “You draw your picture with the lightest colour first because if you make a mistake you can rub it out but if you used black you can’t” 
Maisie “I tapped the colours”
Paige “For the petals we needed to tap the colours together so that we had all the colours not just one”
Kassie “The rubbing was difficult but Mrs. Taylor showed me!”
Angelgrace “We could choose our own picture and we made them ourselves. They looked good!” 


Money in Spanish!

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In maths this week we have been learning about money. So in Spanish this week we have also been learning about money.

James “In Spain they use euros instead of pounds like us”

Paige “We learnt how to say – How much is it? In Spanish” 

Lucie – Ellen “Un euro means one euro”

Elliott “In Spain they have a shop that sells a teddy, a football and a doll. We learnt how to say the names of these things in Spanish”

Keiwan and Harry-Wyatt “In Spanish a cuddly toy is called ‘un peluche'”


Worksop in the past

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This week Birch class have been learning all about Worksop in the past. 

Today we were lucky because Mrs.Medlam came to answer some of the questions that we had about what Worksop was like.

Harley “I asked Mrs.Medlam about what school used to look like and she said the building was very similar to what it looks like now”
Lucie-Ellen “I learnt that they had bricks in the olden days that they used to build our school”
Mitchell “I learnt about the canch”
Angelgrace “I asked Mrs.Medlam if the canch had any slides and she said that there was only one slide”
Keiwan “They did karate to knock the houses down”
Evie “I want to know how the people knocked the houses down using karate?”
Leo “I learnt that the parks were a bit different to today because they only had a paddling pool and three swings with one slide too”
Cole “In Worksop in the past there was cottages that got knocked down and they turned it into Morrisons” 
Paige “When you went to school you just woke up and went to school in the clothes that you were in so some people didn’t have a uniform” 
Harry-Wyatt “I have learnt about what they had in the past” 
Courtney “There was 1 slide in the canch”